Thursday, 23 February 2012

Ayn Rand was an “illegal” immigrant…

There’s a few things that US Republican candidates (and other antediluvian anti-immigration  bigots) can learn from Ayn Rand—one of them, reckons Shikha Dalmia, is Ayn Rand being an “illegal” immigrant…

[Sorry, video won't embed, so click the pic to watch it at the WSJ site.]


(Bottom line of Rand’s story: you have no more reason to tell the truth to an immigration officer than you do an SS office looking for your child.)

[Hat tip Y. Lee]


  1. Opposing the flouting of US law is hardly bigotry.

    The desire control of our borders is not bigotry.

    Decrying the hideous transformation of our society by the Left is not bigotry.

    Calling such persons that hold to these obviously proper goals "bigots" is nothing but slander, libel and demagoguery. Shame on you.

    It matters not what you little "saint" Rand thought, and it fairly exposes the antinomian fand narcissistic laws of "Libertarianism". You may dote on Rand, but please do not make her some sort of conservative heroine or "litmus test"; many conservatives consider her quite narrow in understanding and, to the extent that her morality is derived from materialist determinism and positivism, find her morally depraved.

    Besides that, if your claim to love capitalism so much is actually true then you need to reflect on the motives of those who support illegal immigrants actually are: to destroy the white middle class as a political or social force and balance against the State and Oligarchical Collectivist tyranny.

    Imitating your heroine, you have little understanding of or care for inherited civilization, it role in shaping your consciousness, opportunities and wealth, and the vile side of human nature as expressed in political life.

    In other words: it is not about you and your appetites, rationalization and impulses. It is about the survival of the USA, and with her, the West.

    As a Determinist, Antinomianist and demagogue, Rand is very much of the same cloth of Lenin; the only chief difference is on their notions of the State and the merits of collectivism. This may be rather cosmetic. Rands contempt for the inherited civilization of the West and her placement of man at the center of all things hints that were Rand to have come to the same power as did Lenin her rule might have been just as tyrannical. At best, we can say that Rand had a rather naive understanding of humankind in the real world and in history.

  2. Rand was as brilliant and insightful as she was beautiful*

    *she looked like her face was on fire and someone tried to put it out with a screwdriver

  3. The comments thus far hardly need any comment.

    One is from someone afraid to put their name to their idiocy, and precisely matches the conservative bigotry with which Dalmia charges folk like this.

    And Mr Perkins? Well, what can you say about such an intelligent and insightful comment as this, except to hope he will visit more.

    And maybe even send us some snaps.

  4. The first comment echoes the view of my ailing Mother, who has been marinating in grumpy white male talk-back radio for years.

    Especially this [Immigrants seek to] destroy the white middle class as a political or social force.

    Funnily enough her doctor is an Arab (first name Hussien) and she cannot speak highly enough of him.

    I said yesterday "Mum, you dislike immigrants yet your doctor is an Arab."

    Reply: "Oh, he's an Egyptian."

    Me: "He's an Arab."

    Mum: "Oh well, at least he's escaped his own country".

    Feeling somewhat smug I was later surprised at her comment about the natural beauty of Devon UK, as we were watching a Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall food show...

    Mum: "There can't be many immigrants there".

    On the matter of immigration, "illegal" or not, I fear many of us are trying to sweep water uphill.

  5. @Ruth: "On the matter of immigration, "illegal" or not, I fear many of us are trying to sweep water uphill."

    I fear so. I had similar conversations with my late father-in-law. And this was AFTER he immigrated to NZ himself!


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