Wednesday, 15 February 2012


A man has just been deported from one country to another to face the death penalty for a crime that is the ultimate in victimless crimes, i.e., a crime that has no victim.

The man has been deported from Malaysia to Saudi Arabia to face a charge that he blasphemed, i.e., that he defamed Allah in a tweet, i.e., that he “insulted” a non-existent being.

Which means he defamed a victim that doesn’t exist, in a medium few if any in Saudi Arabia are allowed to read, from a jurisdiction that has nothing to with them.

And Islam is still a religion of peace.


  1. It is about time the West realised that these Islamic theocracies are not our allies, at least in any moral sense. Saudi Arabia is one of the most repressive and iniquitous nations on earth and the source of almost all of the leaders of the Al Qaeda movement, and yet the US and other Western nations continue to arm and fund this sickening dictatorship.

  2. PeterPumkinhead15 Feb 2012, 12:31:00

    Religion, where tweeting and stonings come together.

  3. Good for you for picking this story up.
    The guy was headed here and it is a pity the NZ media have studiously ignored his plight.Usually anything in the international media with Nz on it is enough to get the shallow idiots into a self inflicted frenzy of parochialism.
    Al Jazeera have been running this story for a while so there's no excuse for our news rooms not to know of this.But then they're not really news ,they're infotainment.

  4. Reminds me of a scene in 'The Life of Brian'

  5. Life of Brian.....I enjoyed it all those years ago ,but can't help feel that no one would do a similar one on Mohamed . So they qualify as hypocrites. Christianity is a soft touch.
    The other thing is at least that was comedy...this fellow may die a very violent death.

  6. I too picked up on the original story and good on ya PC for highlighting it. Sure Saudi Arabia is run by bigoted subhuman religious assholes.... but this Malaysian decision to send the guy back is absolutely deplorable and they are almost as bad as the Saudis. I am waiting for screams of outrage from our government... waiting.... still waiting...

    Dave Mann

  7. In my recent experience, I have learned that most kiwis would agree with the deportation.

    After the Kim Dotcom arrest, there was a general agreement in ourlunchroom that anybody who breaks another countries laws in NZ should be deported, whether we agree with the laws or not.

    This, according to what I assume to be average Kiwis, would be no different.

  8. The "average kiwi" voted in Helen Clark for three successive terms and has done the same for John Key.

    Very little good in the world was done by waiting on average people to do it.

  9. I agree with Kiwiwit.
    If it were not for the use of "naughty nasty infidel" technology (and the discovery of oil), the Saudis would still be savages wiping their backsides with stones in the desert.

    I just say "thank goodness" for the work and research that the US military is doing with obtaining fuels from algae. They are getting into that on a ***massive*** scale.
    Hopefully, in a couple of decades' time, they (and the rest of us in the West) will be using this technology every day. The Saudis can then revert to doing what they do best - being savages.

  10. It's really tragic when an innocent person is made to suffer by a despotic government. What are they afraid of?

    I actually referenced the same story in my recent post about the power of free expression:


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