Monday, 9 January 2012

Welcome back

Welcome back everyone.

How was your holiday?

Mine was a beauty.

And thanks for asking.

So what’s been happening with everyone?


  1. Working. Had to work right through. But payback mid-April through mid-June which I hope to take off?

    Looking forward to your blog for another year.

    Where did you holiday?

  2. We had a great time up at Mahurangi.

    Rain didn't bother us. We were swimming anyway--and already wet--or else driving out to Leigh Sawmill Brewery for more beer.

    Drink enough beer and you don't notice the rain. And drive fast enough and the rain doesn't get into an open-top car. :-)

  3. A young feller's first beer. An important milestone in every life.

  4. Great photo Bernard. Starting him off with a stout, though, is pretty ballsy.

  5. Welcome back PC... I had a great time staining the deck and putting up some trellis in anticipation of one day having two dry days in a row to enjoy a wine outside. Now looking forward to an interesting and productive year ahead. Cheers!

  6. Richard McGrath9 Jan 2012, 19:50:00

    A week at Queenstown... lovely place, with perfect weather. Had a look at Cromwell, dinner at the Cardrona Hotel, 4wd journey up Arrow River to Macetown. I could live there.

  7. Great to have you back, I have been feeling deprived. Good to know you and many others had a fun holiday.

  8. Amsterdam for New Year's with Tim Visser and other friends.

  9. Great to see you are back Peter. Worked right through and I grab some time off when summer is here.


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