Saturday, 3 December 2011


“The likelihood of Banks transforming himself into a standard-bearer for [ACT’s] values and principles is as great as that of Ahmadinejad converting to Judaism.”
                 - Lindsay Perigo, from his post “The Mortification of ACT: Malpractice by Cactus


  1. @Damien: In the article you quote, Cameron Slater wrote

    "The 'purists' in ACT will now become like the Liberatarianz, who I class as the happy hand clappers of politics. They have the best songs, the best logic, the best arguments but always sit on the outside shouting at those on the inside of the tent that they aren’t pure enough."

    I doubt that Mr Slater has ever summarised anything as accurately as this statement about the Libz (more's the tragic pity).

  2. ACT: Is there anything left to scrap over? In August there were hints of ACT/Libz doing some sort of deal. I assume that there's nothing left to deal with?

    Chris R.

  3. Richard McGrath4 Dec 2011, 12:32:00

    @Dave Mann:
    Now if only Cam Slater had spelled 'Libertarianz' correctly... by purists I assume he means idealogues. Without a consistent adherence to ideology, a political party becomes a 'broad church', trying to be all things to everyone, ultimately only interested in maintaining power at all costs. And if dispensing with core values is needed, then so be it. (I understand Perigo had to put ACT's founding principle back onto their website after it was removed.)

    Look at the political parties that have jumped into bed with National and Labour. It did the Alliance a lot of good, didn't it? They recently gathered fewer votes than Libz. Can't see the point in entering the tent if it means becoming an unprincipled power-luster.


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