Monday, 12 December 2011

PSA: Pen-pushing Socialism Addicts

The government is spending more than it takes in.

It’s spending a lot more than it takes in, at a time when it has a lot less.

It is spending a lot more at a time when it has a lot less because some alleged economists tell them this this is A Good Thing.

Because cutting costs is politically difficult when you just want to be liked.

And because cutting spending is logistically difficult when public sector unions resist every cut in spending, and go apoplectic when cuts in salaries are even contemplated. Even if a lack of cuts loses jobs.

It’s no different here in EnZed than anywhere else.

Except maybe Puerto Rico.

[Hat tip Andrew B]


  1. If only Smile and wave would grow a pair and rip off that band aid, do it and move on to better things...

  2. The best line is the last line:

    "Fortunio's advice to leaders who want to shrink the state: 'Do what you need to do quickly, swiftly, like when you take of a band aid you know, just do it and move on to better things.'"


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