Thursday, 8 December 2011

Last dictator standing

An ad for chicken, yes, chicken, that you can enjoy over and over again.

Or you could, if armed chums of the featured dictator hadn’t started threatening the chicken seller if they didn’t drop the ad.


At least there’s more on YouTube.

[Hat tip Karen B.]


  1. Unfortunately, the disturbing
    feature of this ad is the song.

    Macias Nguema, Equatorial Guinea's first and worst leader, played it the original) over loudspeakers in the stadium in Malabo as his firing squads would drag political prisoners in to be executed. At the time it was the eerie sound of that song every few days echoing around the city that sent fear among the residents. It is now indelibly a song that isn't to be played in Malabo.

    Nguema was one of Africa's worst, his prison camps were called the Dachau of Africa. He was almost always intoxicated, believed he was a god, banned teachers, banned fishing, ordered the main power station to not be maintained because he would look after it (it exploded). His nephew now runs the place (after overthrowing him and executing him), and it is sadly a combination of the oil there, and the fact that there are next to no Spanish speaking African experts, that the place gets ignored by most.

  2. Which dictator is the one that is white and looks Jewish? Any ideas?

  3. I just love this video! Thanks for posting.

  4. Marcus, according to the accompanying article, it's PW Botha.


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