Tuesday, 22 November 2011

So, what about the electoral system then?

This Saturday you have three votes.

You can vote for the pack of bastards you prefer, which bugger you want in your electorate, and which system should be used to decide which buggers are finally elected.

So unless you decision is to stay home, you have three different decisions to make.

Liberty Scott has already done the hard work for you on the first two questions. But what about the third?

Should we keep MMP or abandon it? If it’s abandoned, what should replace it?

Liberty Scott is going to vote to change the system. But what to?

Read and find out.


  1. Interesting LibertyScott is closing in on STV. My own thinking, which starts with wanting to take out the list MP's, has been moving me in that direction.

    (Liberty: it's still not possible to comment on your new blog without subscribing. Is there any way you can open the Name/URL identity, such as Peter uses here?)

  2. Mark, I have changed it, it should work as I have had one anonymous comment. I do moderate them all though, largely to avoid spam.

  3. Right. You write me another great post, and I'll go comment on it :)

    Seriously, I'll have another look soon.


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