Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Who knew he had integrity?

STUFF: Prime Minister John Key has refused to answer reporter’s questions about the ‘tea tapes’ and stormed out of a press conference in Wellington…

A shame he didn’t do that five days ago when this nonsense first came up.

Says Farrar:

it would be nice if the media actually [asked questions] on policies and how France is about to get downgraded due to its history of deficits and debt.

Yes, it would.

But did he say France?  What about us, David?


  1. Farrar link not functioning. FWIW.

  2. any time you mention the lunacy of the Double dipper's entire regime in the exchequer, the Nats and their lapdogs get hyperbolic and justify their position by saying, perhaps you should have voted Labour then....
    which is precisely the point... these deceiptful bastards can't see that they are hypocrites of the worst kind.... everything they railed against when National were in opposition, National are doing... only with a bigger deficit. Yes there was a couple of earthquakes and a GFC which got in the road, but they were the reason to change direction, not carry on spending like a drunken sailor who found 5 credit cards, the redraw facility on his home mortgage with no daily limit to withdrawals, a stash of P, viagra and a whorehouse running bunga bunga parties


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