Friday, 25 November 2011

Los Hongos House, by Rolando Barahona Sotela


Who says concrete has to be boring? 

Not Frank Lloyd Wright, who called it the material ideally suited “to bear the imprint of human imagination.”

And not architect Rolando Barahona Sotela who designed this 1983 Costa Rica house.


The house is dominated by two solid concrete structures which are designed to generate shadows and wind—both highly desirable in Costa Rica’s climate—collect water, and organise the house.


Says the architect, “It is a comfortable indoor- outdoor home, indoors it has 4 private suite bedrooms with private terrace and bath, indoor living dining area, studio, jacuzzi area, bar, kitchen breakfast area and multiple decks and terraces under the concrete umbrellas surrounded by jungle. 5 river water pools with sun decks and reservoirs- a side river and a lake! Do you need more?”

[Hat tip Ryan Thewes’ Organic Architecture blog]


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