Friday, 18 November 2011

QUOTE OF THE DAY: Perigo on the media

"Freedom" is too abstract a concept for the retards who occupy positions once held
by journalists. They think it means the right to tape conversations without the
consent of the taped, and the right to spew their inane witterings about nothing ad
Overarchingly they think it means the right to help yourself to the fruits of others'
labour.  Thus the resurgence of socialism and its endless promotion in the media. Key
is popular not because he's anti-socialist (he isn't) but because he's "cool"—i.e. he
speaks as the retard quackers speak, literally, mangling vowels and consonants—and
with the arrested inflections of a five-year-old—and doesn't frighten the morons.

                                        - Lindsay Perigo, "Freedom" and the media


  1. Calling journalists retards is unkind to the genetically impaired

  2. I suspect Key's voice is important but not necessarily for being "cool". When Film and TV came along actors had problems with their voices which were trained to fill large halls. They found it hard to stop shouting at the camera.
    They soon learned that to make a screen career they had to learn to talk to the camera, just as jazz singers learned to talk to the mike, rather than yell at it.
    Most politicians still tend to bully their audience as though they were at a public meeting. Think of Helen Clark and Phil Goff. Both are lecturing us.
    John talks to the cameras and so we don't mind him in our living room. With most politicians our first instinct is to hit the mute button or change channels.

  3. I don't know about you, Owen, but my first instinct when seeing John Key in my living room is to reach for a bucket.

  4. Mind you, I have that same reaction to every politician, so he needn't take it personally.

  5. Richard McGrath19 Nov 2011, 16:11:00

    @PC: Don't say that too loudly, or the Labour Party will promise taxpayer-subsidised buckets for every lounge.

  6. Hal Incandenza19 Nov 2011, 17:45:00

    Overarchingly they think it means the right to help yourself to the fruits of others' labour..."

    This is the same Perigo who's been getting paid from the proceeds of the mugging of Atlas to get that gerat lover of freedom John Banks elected to Parliament isn't it? He's obviously a suffering some mind debilitating form of cognitive dissonance.

  7. Actually, I quite like many of the politicians I have met.

    It's government I don't like.


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