Monday, 21 November 2011

Leaders debate ‘Die Wurm’


As you’ve possibly already heard, if you’re planning on giving yourself nausea tonight by watching TweedleDum and TweedleDummer pretend to slug it tonight out over their minute differences in policy on TV3’s sanitised “debate,” then you’ll find that downloading your own “worm” in either Android or iPhone form will allow you to add to the pretence debate by making your own contribution to the rise and fall of the onscreen “worm.”

Which means that every time either Smile-and-Wave or Smile-and-Cringe says something you can agree with, you can give them a loud online cheer.

Which really means you can set your own worm to “disapprove” for the whole evening, and then head off to do something much more productive with your night than watching these morons pretend they have anything fundamental about which they disagree.

Here below is ‘Die Wurm’* I’d prefer them both to meet tonight. Instead, they’ll face John Campbell…


* * * * *

* As every Wagner lover could tell you, ‘Die Wurm’ is German for dragon.


  1. Actually, "Wurm" literally means "worm". "Dragon" in German is "Drachen".

  2. Probably I should say "in Wagnerian German..."


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