Friday, 14 October 2011

Tupperwaka: Too much hooey, bit late with the do-ey

I’m certainly not the only one to be, um, disappointed about the $2m of taxpayers’ money spent on the Tupperwaka to “showcase” Ngati Whatua culture to Rugby World Cup visitors.

At least, that was how it was sold to the politicians giving away our money.

I heard a Tupperwaka spokesman crowing that with the Tupperwaka open they could now “showcase their culture to the world.” Mate, I thought, the world’s gone home. They’ve been and gone. They came, they looked around, and now most have toddled off home. If you built this for the World Cup, for the six weeks and twenty teams and supporters who were here, then it’s a bit late isn’t it, with just eleven days and only four teams left.

Altogether too late.

Mind you, perhaps it wasn’t truly intended as a “showcase” at all. Maybe it was only intended to give piles of money to a few chosen members of the Browntable (you think?), in which case it has already been a success.  For the recipients of our largesse, at least.

And if they’d truly intended to showcase their culture to the world, then I fear—with this whole shambles—that they have.


  1. A bit like the rest of Mordi Culture all Bull Shit and plastic.
    The Naughtyfat Whores have it all over Mr Smile and wave and his national socialists.

  2. 1 of the teams actually lives here too... and another has 50000 Maori living there too

  3. I wonder if any tourists were here early enough to catch Maggie Mutu's opinion- they were too late to hear the call for affirmative-action Uni.

  4. Is there a Tupperwaka Party?

    I kill myself...


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