Friday, 7 October 2011

FRIDAY MORNING RAMBLE: The ‘Winning & Losing’ Edition

It was a week that started with the Geelong Cats winning their Premiership and ended with news of Steve Jobs losing his battle for his health.  And it’s not finished yet: here’s still some other important things happening in the next two days at the Cake Tin and at Eden Park—and off Tauranga.
Since I’ve been a little busy this week (for which, I hope, my clients will thank me, if not my readers) there’s not much of a Ramble to offer you. Nonetheless, since some of you have been asking for it, here’s your chance for a wee ramble round some of the things that caught my eye online this week:


To quote Hayek v Keynes Rap II: ‘The economy's
not a car. There's no engine to stall. No
expert can fix it. There's no ‘it’ at all.’"
- Russ Roberts & John Papola

  • “Keith Ng rightly won an award for this one.”
    CPI visualizerO F F S E T T I N G    B E H A V I O U R
  • “Paul Callaghan cites 20 top technology companies, not one of which is remotely a Clean Tech company, except in as much as they are all environmentally benign. ‘That latter, in my view, is all that matters, that and being the best in the world at what they do and hence viable and profitable. The evidence suggests what we are actually good at is not at all what the Green Party would like us to be good at. What we are good at is a result of brilliant entrepreneurship and business expertise. Such genius does not follow politicians’ prescriptions.’”
    Genius does not follow politicians’ prescriptions -   H O M E  P A D D O C K
  • image“Like most Keynesians, in the end, Paul Krugman is a one-trick pony who always recommends inflation as the answer to economic problems… So, I see that Krugman now is giving the "Vietnam Strategy" to the Europeans: in order to "save" the euro, you must destroy it -- via inflation.”
    Krugman: "Save" the euro by inflating it to death
    – K R U G M A N   I N   W O N D E R L A N D
  • Don’t think it’s just the addle-pated Keynesians either. The followers of Milton Friedman are equally eager to pour inflationary fuel on their fire.
     Inflationists in Wolves' Clothing 
    - Robert Murphy,  M I S E S   E C O N O M I C S    B L O G
  • “One reason that some government agencies may be failing is that their attention is directed to the wrong things. High on that list is policing against high prices during emergencies. Basic economic analysis finds that price gouging laws end up wasting state government resources and wasting consumers’ time during emergencies.”
    ‘Price Gouging’ Law: Why Waste State and Consumer Resources during Emergencies?
    - M A S T E R     R E S O U R C E
  • “It was recently pointed out to me that certain free market orientated friends dislike policies that fail to restore immediate growth: Basic economic theory posits that as households and businesses...”
    Do nothing: a positive proposal for recovery – C O B D E N C E N T R E

“If there's a way to solve this environmental disaster
[off Tauranga] by giving away public money to
private companies, Steven Joyce will find it.”
- Tweet from Dim Post

  • “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men, women, and transgendered—and any other human who is able to elude the tyranny of work for a couple of weeks—are created equal…”
    Occupy Wall Street: A Manifesto – R E A S O N
  • “Until recently, I haven’t been paying much mind to the Occupy Wall Street protests. They’re a lot like Tea Party protesters. They’re upset with the status quo, and are being quite vocal about it. ...”
    Occupy Wall Street Protesters Make Demands – O P E N  M A R K E T . O R G
  • “Quantitative Easing just forcibly redistributes wealth from the poorest in society to the richest. It's immoral….
    Inequality will widen until banking is reformed – Oliver Cooper,
    C O N S E R V A T I V E H O M E B L O G S ( U K )
  • “Governor Rick Perry likes to say Texas is experiencing an economic miracle because of small government and low taxes. Another take: [S]mall government still doesn't mean scant government in Texas. It means lots and lots of small government and accompanying taxes...”
    Texas is another word for 'taxes' – M A D D O W   B L O G
  • Milestone alert: just one month left to see the Julian and Josie Robertson Promised Gift at the Auckland Art Gallery before it jets back to the US:
    Julian and Josie Robertson Promised Gift – A U C K L A N D   A R T    G A L L E R Y

Image: Paul Cézanne, La route (Le mur d'enceinte) The Road (The Old Wall), 1875-1876,
From the Julian and Josie Robertson Promised Gift

  • In my mind, I can play the ukelele too…

  • This is pretty much the highlight of Placido Domingo’s performance you missed in Christchurch last night, filmed in Tokyo on the same tour: the thrilling E Lucevan le Stelle from Tosca, sung beautifully, even at seventy years of age.

  • Compare with the same piece sung in his prime and filmed on location in Rome: a young man about to have his life ended by firing squad knowing that at this moment he has never loved life so much!

  • And one of my other favourites from last night (filmed, as before, in Tokyo), from Frank Lehar’s operetta ‘Land of Smiles’

  • Have a great weekend.
    And let’s hope Colin Slade does too.


    1. Steve Wozniak:
      When Steve Jobs worked at Atari, the company was working on creating the arcade game Breakout, which required 80 Integrated Circuits (ICs). The less ICs there were, the cheaper the games would be to produce, so Nolan Bushnell (Atari's president) offered $100 for every IC that could be knocked out of the design. Jobs brought Woz the challenge, and over four days and nights at Atari they put together a design that only required 30 ICs. Bushnell gave Jobs his $5000 bonus, which Jobs "split" with Wozniak by telling him it was a $700 bonus, giving him "half," or $350. Woz was delighted, but years later found out the truth. And cried.

      Steve Jobs: a thief who'd stab his friends in the back for the sake of a buck.


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