Monday, 10 October 2011

The battle of the coaches [updated]

After a great weekend of rugby action, what has emerged as the remaining four contenders for World Cup glory are four teams, three of which are coached by New Zealanders.

Henry v Deans v Gatland.

May the best coach win?

UPDATE: I hereby and most humbly apologise for making an idle Stephen Donald reference last week.

I should have touched wood.


  1. Kiwi miner in Aussie10 Oct 2011, 11:08:00

    I've got a hunch that the only Kiwi coach surviving to the final will be Dean.

  2. Hey, wash your mouth out and back to that hole in the ground, mate ;)

  3. Deans & Gatland are already in credit and are now in the hunt for glorious gravy.

    For Henry the reckoning still lies ahead.


  4. the drunken watchman10 Oct 2011, 23:05:00

    told you to give Stephen Donald a break!

    Easy to put in the boot while he's only fourth best in the country, different story now that the sniggerers need him, eh?

    if I were Stephen, I would tell the chokers he's just too busy drinking Waikato


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