Sunday, 30 October 2011

The dangers of faith

Richard Dawkins speaks with an extremist Muslim … but no communication was possible.

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Blogger Andrei said...

So, Richard Dawkins finds an Islamic nutter in Gaza - that reveals just what exactly?

30 Oct 2011, 10:12:00  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Perhaps it means that this religious nutter and millions like him would like to kill you if you do not convert to his faith. And that, given the opportunity, they would do so. mara

30 Oct 2011, 11:40:00  
Blogger ZenTiger said...

Well, it's obvious then. The atheists will just have to nuke them in the name of self defence.

Given the atheists are killing off their own offspring before they are even born, the numbers weigh heavily against them, so it would be a perfectly rational decision.

30 Oct 2011, 20:28:00  
Anonymous Jackie said...

Is he an extremist, or just a faithful Muslim? It seems to me he reflects the mainstream view of his "religion".

30 Oct 2011, 22:48:00  
Anonymous Michael said...

he's a faithful one, most mainstreams are so-called 'moderates' or moderate muslims/pragmatists. They don't follow all tenets of the faith e.g drink, gamble, have sex, eat pork

31 Oct 2011, 00:44:00  

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