Friday, 2 September 2011

Nickey Hager’s written another book

So what?

Back when the Sunday Star Slime and Hicky Nager collaborated on the "revelation" of of the SIS bugging Tariana Turia, Justice Neazor descibed it after a lengthy investigation as “a work of fiction." Like so much of his work before and since, really.

So where should this latest tome be filed then?  Under “receiving stolen property”--his other speciality?

Or under “fiction”?

Or both?

Or just straight into the circular filing basket?

Either way, when Murdoch journos do either it’s considered reprehensible. So how come this weasel gets a free pass?


  1. 'So what' says it all. Except I would add that I instinctively don't like any adult male that calls himself Nicky.

  2. If your agenda is avowedly leftwing and anti-capitalist, anti-conservative, and supportive of the reactionary agenda of the Green Party, then of course the reporters who feel the same way will embrace him as a "journalist".

    Nothing quite like being a poor little Marxist rich boy who is concerned about poverty because he didn't have any as a child.

  3. I dont know why the MSM give the clown any publicity at all. He should be exported to North Korea to find out what it is really like to live in a Stalinist State. Then perhaps he might begin to appreciate the true value of a democracy and the freedom that it gives.

  4. Back when he did his "exposé" of the GCSB he bitched and moaned that it was being covered up because the government studiously ignored his book. Mostly that book fell under the category of dumpster-diving for irrelevant details of the computer systems used and voyeurism of employees private lives. He doesn't seem to have gotten any better.


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