Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Montessori education is cool!

Montessori education is cool!  How cool? Well, here’s a smart new (short) video from “that FastDraw bloke” that does a pretty good job of explaining it. It’s all about following the child …

[Hat tip Maria Montessori Education Foundation]


  1. Google founders attended Montessori.

    In the ABC video clip above, the founders credited the success of their education to Montesorri and not because their parents were College professors (although, having academic parents helps a lot).

    Larry Page said in the vid that Montesorri is trained not to follow rules, self motivated questioning of what's happening in the world, etc...

    Google founders derived their PageRank search algorithm from similar previous work such as the HITS search algorithm by Prof. Jon Kleinberg for IBM. In that case, the PageRank was not original. The Google founders simply followed other previous similar work (to improve speed, accuracy, etc,...).

    Had IBM and Prof. John Kleinberg himself were serious about Kleinberg's HITS algorithm in bringing it to commercial success, then we wouldn't be talking GOOGLE today. We would perhaps be talking something like KleinHits as a dominant search engine.But anyway, give credits to Google founders for bringing their idea to the business world.

    There is no doubt that Montesorri had influenced the education of Google founders, but their work was based on previous similar researches with people who didn't go to Montesorri.

    PS : I'm not anti-Montensorri. I think that Montensorri has advantages over traditional methods of teaching in our education system. However I won't jump in and say that if everyone goes to Montesorri, they will become Sergey Brin and Larry Page on day.

  2. A historical perspective network link analysis of which Google PageRank is one.

    Scientist Finds PageRank-Type Algorithm from the 1940s


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