Tuesday, 13 September 2011

ECONOMICS FOR REAL PEOPLE: Are we nearing the end game of paper money?


Here’s tonight’s invitation for you from our friends at the UoA Economics Group:

Hi all,

With Europe’s debt problems growing worse by the day, the prospects 
for Europe are bleak. Not that they are any better over the Atlantic 
where President Obama has just put forward a job’s plan that will 
only increase the massive deficit and add to its debt mountain.
    So where is all this headed?
    Tonight we will look at a view that this is the end game of the 
forty-year experiment with paper (fiat) money.
    What economic ideas lead to this view and if true, what should we 
expect over the next few years.
    Join us tonight as we discuss what is one of the most important 
topics of the year.

        Time: 6:00pm
        Date: Tuesday 13 September
        Location: Case Room 1, Level 0, UoA Business School

See you tonight!

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