Tuesday, 6 September 2011

DOWN TO THE DOCTOR'S: How to stop MPs and immigrants from gouging NZ taxpayers

_richardmcgrathYour weekly prescription of good hard sense from Libertarianz leader Dr Richard McGrath.
This week, how to stop MPs and immigrants from gouging NZ taxpayers.

  • NZ HERALD: “Wong's Taxpayer Spending 'Not Pattern'” - The Auditor-General says National MP Pansy Wong helping herself to taxpayer funds so that her husband could go on a private business trip was not part of a pattern of wrongdoing…
    THE DOCTOR SAYS:  Either the Auditor-General or this piece’s headline writer needs a boot up the arse. The problem is not whether Pansy Wong's troughing for her husband was part of a pattern of such troughing, it's the fact that she was able to trough in the first place.
        It's obvious from this that parliamentarians just can't help themselves—they feel entitled top lap from the trough they see all around them. And who can blame them for indulging in a bit of “self-improvement” at the expense of others when wads of taxpayer money is sloshing around within easy reach?
    THE SOLUTION: Have MPs' remuneration and perks paid for by the political parties to which they belong, and not by the taxpayer. See if the members of political parties are happy to have their donations diverted into the pockets of MPs for their own private gain.
        I think you would find said party members delivering slightly more forceful feedback than the flogging-by-wet-bus-ticket administered by Auditor-General Lyn Provost. Said MPs might find themselves strung up by their own entrails if they tried stealing from their own. Which is how it should be.
  • NZ HERALD: “Call To Sack Academic Over 'Racism'” - Auckland professor of Maori studies Margaret Mutu called on the government to restrict the number of white immigrants to this country…
    THE DOCTOR SAYS:  Hold on to your seats, readers, because I happen to agree with Professor Mutu on this one. With a wrinkle or two.
        I agree with her that the number of white immigrants should be restricted if such immigrants expect to jump aboard the welfare gravy train once they clear Customs. And here’s the first wrinkle: that the same should go for people with darker skin pigmentation.  Or any skin pigmentation.
        The issue is not their skin colour or ethnicity, but their parasitism.
        No-one who immigrates here should expect to receive public welfare payments, including taxpayer-funded superannuation, at any time.  Part of the deal should be that they are self-supporting for the duration. They should, however, be allowed to apply for private assistance and welfare if someone is willing to sponsor them. And you could bet they wouldn't be staying on hand-outs for very long under such a system.
        Nothing wrong with Prof Mutu's utterances then, just as long as they apply equally to people of colour. And to residents as well as immigrants.
        One possible further improvement could be that any New Zealand citizen who received a benefit funded by tax slaves would be ineligible to vote, but those who received private welfare would be eligible. That would encourage people to get off the taxpayer's back, and ask private welfare agencies nicely for help.   
        It's rather telling that Ngapuhi boss David Rankin acknowledges that white immigrants are "most likely to bring employment opportunities for our communities." But this true of all immigrants: to the extent they stand on their own feet, their production provides demand for others’ goods and services.
        And if it was a condition that immigrants remain self-supporting for life, only the most able and talented would come here—and those intend to stand on others’ feet instead of their own would have to look for some other nation of suckers willing to accommodate their blood-sucking tendencies.
    And, as history has shown, the able and talented come in all shades.   

See you next week!
Doc McGrath


  1. One possible further improvement could be that any New Zealand citizen who received a benefit

    Not just the bennies! Especially the civil sercunts, the teachers, bureaucrats - anyone on the public tit should permanently lose the right to vote

    Anyone ever been in a state house, or raised on the DPB, or ever on the dole, or taken out a student loan, or WFF, or ever been a unonist or terrorist or

    Dependent scum don't deserve the privilege of a vote.

    And yes, this includes the #1State-House-Kid, #1 DPB-Baby, Smile'n'wave himself.

  2. No-one who immigrates here should expect to receive public welfare payments, including taxpayer-funded superannuation, at any time

    Fine - so long as no-one who immigrates here should expect to pay any direct or indirect taxes, including ACC levies, at any time

    Why the should a high-worth, high-value individual migrate to this openly socialist cesspool, be taxed at the highest effective mean marginal rate in the world --- and get nothing for those taxes.

    Yep. NZ. effectively taxes more than North Korea

  3. Dr McGrath, love your take on the 'social welfare' issue.


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