Monday, 8 August 2011

Garden of Eden

I don’t know about you, but we had a ball at Eden Park on Saturday night. It wasn’t the MCG—we sat on scaffolding five miles in the air whose shaking quelled the staunchest stamping—and instead of built-in facilities we had portaloos and hot-dog caravans down several miles of stairs—but once installed up in the nosebleed section the atmosphere was fantastic. 

And if you had parking close (as some of us were lucky enough to enjoy) transport there and back was easy, and partying afterwards painless.

And there was a lot to celebrate, wasn’t there. Unless you are Australian. Or Robbie Deans.


This was pretty much our possie (above), which you might think would feel a little out of the atmosphere. But it wasn’t. Despite being behind the scoreboard at this end, the one at the other end was huge—and “spidercam” showed us anything we’d missed. And there was no chance of feeling out of it: with a crowd of 52,000, it was easy to feel part of it. I’d happily sit there again.  And might, in coming weeks.

Q: So how was your Eden Park experience?

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  1. Hey PC,

    We were in the temp stands on the opposite end of the park, great view for $45! They did get a bit wobbly but it definitely did not stop the stamping on our side. We had a great night. That spidercam is bloody awesome!


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