Monday, 29 August 2011

DOWN TO THE DOCTOR’S: “Welcome to the party!”

The Doctor speaks …


  1. A great start Richard. I do worry though that this is a) too long, and b) too dry for our soundbite-addicted society. I wonder if a better approach would be a series of "myth busting" libertarian parables, shooting down some of the strawmen and false arguments to libertarian philosophy. For example, "big corporations will just run our lives", "no public health system? You want to end up like the USA with Lawyers being the only winners?" or "libertarian values are compassionless and will lead to a dog-eat-dog society". I hear these every day, and think bite sized tear-downs are the way to go.

  2. @Greig:

    Thanks for the suggestions. Like you I did worry that this might be a bit long and too stodgy, however it's a start. I'll make future efforts a bit lighter (and shorter)!

    I based the 'peace' bit at the end on Pat Condell's amazing video despatches (check him out on You Tube).

  3. I love what Greig suggested. Take such videos on site as much as possible. Make it lively.

    I am sorry Richard, I could not stand listening to that video for more than 3 minutes. I really hope you are not planning to use it for any promotion effort.

    You must do a web-cam presentation, you should have a good look at the many very engaging presentations on youtube. On this video it is painfully clear you read text on your screen. I can even hear your mouse as you scroll your length text.

  4. @Richard: Checked some out today (in bed with a bug makes for lots of youtube time). Very cool!

    Now, I have a face for radio, and only become a decent public speaker after three pints of Galbraith's finest, but if there's anything I can do to help, I'd love to be involved. I know you have a bounty of great writers, so there's not much I can offer there which yourself or PC couldn't top in your sleep. I just don't want you to think I'm throwing in critique from the sidelines, and not being prepared to stump up with some labour to make things better.

  5. @Dinther:

    The problem, Paul, is firstly a shoe string budget and secondly deciding to start this project mid evening, finishing at about 2 a.m. once I'd managed to figure out how to send the video to PC.

    Yep, the text was read off the screen but unfortunately I don't own an autocue, nor was I trained at the school of broadcasting.

    A bit of practice should improve the quality no end.

    Point taken, though.

  6. As an American who is strongly opposed to the current administration's policies and has not benefited one iota from the years of taxes paid when I needed it most )this last two years), I couldn't agree more with Mr. McGrath.

  7. Try talking about how welfare (both social and corporate) is failure for a good economy – in the same sentence. People in general aren’t getting this simple message/concept.

    Talk about how politicians stoke the debates of social and economic prosperity for their own benefit.

    Talk about how taxes and incentives are failing to achieve any intentions and are actually hurting the economy.

    Talk about how Government should never be the body to create jobs – that it’s always created economic failure.

    Talk about how government intervention has always hurt the economy.

    Talk about the growing Lean business movement around the world, but that Governments have gone in the opposite direction.

    You know the list – just thread it with Government as the source of failure in all cases – because it is.

    NZers in general loved to be governed – they're going to have a problem with less government... that's cultural.

    The education component is that all forms of government are really hurting them.


  8. Early days Richard...and yes it needs to be shorter and grab you from the get go.I assume Pat Condell reads his stuff through a few times to get the easy fluidity he delivers and I recommend you do this too. A bit more lightness and a smile in the eyes and you will be cooking with gas...go for it! ;-)

  9. Richard, glad you didn't take my criticism personally. Although time is money, producing something great is a matter of creative input not of budget as is proven on you-tube time after time. If you were in Auckland I would most certainly volunteer to help you with these videos.

    Indeed Pat condell is an example of someone who delivers a speech on a web cam quite well. A more elaborate but dirt cheap example is Ray William Johnson who is now famous for his weekly videos.

    Email me if you like. I have a bunch of tips that will enable you to deliver your message much more effectively.


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