Tuesday, 26 July 2011

ECONOMICS FOR REAL PEOPLE: Capital and Interest in the Business Cycle

Here’s the note from our friends at the Auckland Uni Econ Group about this week’s meet-up :

Hello Everyone.

This week we will be looking at the way in which capital and interest are interrelated and the role they play in the Business Cycle.  We are going to use some of the themes that have been running through previous weeks and begin to tie them together.  These include questions over why, in a division of labour economy are there periods of time when unemployment is higher than others.  In what way do interest rates effect capital formation and create co-ordination in the economy and why do Business Cycles occur?  This is a very important subject, not just student of economics, but for everyone. The Business Cycles affect us all. 

    Date: Tonight, Tuesday 26th July
    Time: 6pm
    Room: University of Auckland Business School, Owen G Glenn Building,Case Room 1, Level 0.

Look forward to seeing you soon

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