Friday, 10 June 2011

Do-it-yourself ramble


I’m off to Melbourne this morning to join 90,000 screaming fans watching Geelong beat Hawthorn tomorrow night at the Cathedral of Sport.

So there’ll be no ramble this morning from me.

So why not take the opportunity for a do-it-yourself ramble—to post in the comments links and stories that interested you, and are sure to interest other readers.

Go to it!

And enjoy!


  1. Hope you give them a f#%&* good hiding

  2. Tried to post something on the Maori Mystic Mafia but nothing happened.

  3. Kia and Ora. I note that te reo or Maori language (not pidgin!) is to be made compulsory for teachers. Customs (like cannibalism ?) are also mandatory. If it's compulsory for teachers then it's a short hop to all children being indoctrinated further. Maybe if Maori make up 15% of population then 15% of the week should be compulsory Maori. What's a whole day, among the bros?

  4. Was fantastic seeing you Peter! The AFL were terrific, we are now addicts! The hawks did indeed loose their player to a ruptured achillies and he's due to be off for the season - feels great to be right :p

    Go the cats!

  5. Council offices to grind to whatever is slower than a halt:


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