Monday, 27 June 2011

Bavinger House, by Bruce Goff [updated]

A stunning animation of Bruce Goff’s masterpiece featured here many times before (click the button to enjoy the vid full-screen):

Bruce Goff: A Creative Mind - Bavinger House 1950 from skyline ink animation studios on Vimeo.

Sadly, it looks like the masterpiece may be in the process of being slowly dismembered by its present owners.

UPDATE: More news about the house’s apparent demise here, here, here here


  1. In line with your oft stated views on property rights being king, might I assume from the reports the owner has taken the only avenue left open to him? And that you would fully endorse such actions?

  2. I endorse their right to take such actions. But I still think they're deluded.

  3. Thanks for re-posting that video. Never seen it before. Thoroughly enjoyed the visuals and the music.

  4. @Dinther: You're welcome. :-)

    Music is 'The Moldau' by Smetana. Very popular with architectural vids.

  5. Thanks for the video - I intended to get to the Goff exhibit in Bartlesville but didn't make it. The view from the fifth bowl must have been extraordinary. It's a shame it had to be enclosed for stability.

    While I agree it is theirs to do with as they desire, I hope they consider Gene and Nancy's wishes on the matter. They told me they wanted the house preserved but did not want the university to have control - mainly because of the university's poor track record with the Price House (Shin-en-kan) in Bartlesville. Also, I understand certain people connected to the O.U. College of Architecture tended to be insensitive to their privacy and their property rights - which might explain a few things about the current situation.

    Perhaps Boz and Bob will let some non-O.U. connected people come in and do a survey to help determine what needs to be done and how to get funding to pay for it. Until that happens, there's little hope that what's left of the roof and interior can be saved.



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