Thursday, 19 May 2011

‘Perigo!’ show tonight: Peter Leitch


Our all-time favourite Knight,  The Mad Butcher, believes fairy tales come true and tells the most inquisitive fairy of them all why he wears so many rings, how he once thought rings grew on trees; why he believes in Key but not Brash, and how he's determined to skewer the Big C.

All without drawing breath.

A not-to-be-missed encounter between salt-of-the-earth and head-in-the-clouds. An improbable but enchanting finale to this first series of Perigo!

PERIGO!  Tonight at 7.30 on Stratos – Freeview 21 & Sky 89


  1. I have really enjoyed following the Perigo! shows via your YouTube liks, thanks PC.

    Is there any chance that this one will be put up as a link or on YouTube by TBGONZ?

  2. What a really enjoyable interview it was to watch. (Usually Sir Mad Butcher's grating voice and constant "mate"s rather annoy).
    I'm sure Sir Peter would not be classed as [part of] Sheeple, yet he expressed quite a few sheeple ideas.

  3. Here is the TBGONZ link:

  4. Oh thank you for the link, Anonymous. Are you TBGONZ....? If so, many thanks, if not then I hope TBGONZ reads this and accepts my felicitations :)


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