Thursday, 28 April 2011

NOT PJ: Goodbye England’s Brain

_BernardDarnton With only a minimum of arm twisting, I persuaded Bernard Darnton to pull the finger out and start typing again. Here then is his (ir)regular column for this week.

Goodbye England’s Brain

As part of Not PC’s extensive coverage here is our exclusive guide to everything you need to know about the Royal Wedding.

It is on Friday.

Do not go anywhere near a television after 10pm.

Thank you. That is all.


  1. Bernard, good advice. I'm sure that our resident dumb-ass commentator, Jol Thang, will be sticking herself in front of a TV to watch the Royal Wedding. Perhaps that the Women Affairs' Department had sent out an official email last week to its staffs (where Ms Jol Thang works) advising them to tune in to the Royal Wedding so they can all be informed on various ideas about the wedding proper protocols.

  2. Richard McGrath28 Apr 2011, 11:37:00

    I was rung by Newstalk ZB last night and asked to be available for an interview along with one other commentator at 0715 this morning re Rodney Hide. That plan was cancelled at 0700 in favour of an extended report from Mike Hosking on Bill Windsor's nuptials.

  3. Meanwhile, the economy burns, child abuse is rife, more and more people lose their jobs etc...but never mind all that!

  4. Isn't the basketball final on at the same time. It's going to be a Battle for the Remote in a lot of homes, including mine.

  5. I'm no monarchist, but you just don't understand romance.

  6. My intention was to sit in my office and play on the internet, catch up on some reading etc. The Wife then tried to bribe me with intercourse if I came out of my hidey hole and used the wifi to achieve the same goals.
    All looked rosy when whe even got a beer out for me and had it ready on the coffee table. So I relented.
    The inainities I heard drove me to go find a pair of ear phones.
    Even though I only watched probably 2 mins of the entire broadcast, it was still enough to bore me senseless, but to add insult to injury, the wife slinked off to bed while I waited for the dog to micturate, then put him to bed, and lock up, only to go to bed for payment for having to be seated in the same room as that shite, only to discover her comatose....
    I wonder if ACC will cover me for the mental trauma inflicted


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