Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Study of reclining nude, oil on canvas, by Jasmine Kamante

Female nude study_DSC_4148

New painting by Jasmine Kamante, local artist from whom we’re expecting great things.

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Blogger Andrew B said...

She once hosted a beautiful model fro m London in her studio in Florence. The model proved most unsatisfactory, retiring from work after just 15 minutes and refusing to stick around the next day to continue.

Must be hard working with such temperamental people!hypelti

31 Mar 2011, 01:22:00  
Blogger Lindsay Mitchell said...

I like it. Reminds me, after watching Holly Hunter in The Piano last night, skinny girls look too thin clothed but just right naked. Strange that, don't you think?

31 Mar 2011, 21:54:00  
Anonymous Dirty Mind said...

Are there nude artworks out there depicting black women's bodies? I haven't seen one, most I've seen are nude white women.

1 Apr 2011, 07:51:00  

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