Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Call to Christchurch Protest

Another call to action tomorrow from disgruntled Christchurch CBD business owners--you know, the folk who used to put the 'B' into the CBD.  Those good folk who know that for Christchurch to recover then Christchurch BUSINESS must recover.  Instead, they're still being locked out by people they wouldn't hire to suck eggs, by whom they're getting increasingly sick of being patronised.
Dear fellow ChCh CBD business owners,

It is now 4 weeks since the tragic earthquake of 22 February, and for most of us, we are no closer to knowing the fate of our businesses/buildings and when we will be allowed back into them to retrieve critical records, secure the premises as well as allowing Independent Engineers Assessments.

We must continue to demand our legitimate rights of ownership.

The business of Christchurch was business. Not anymore. The business of Christchurch, if you listen to the "authorities" is killing the very business that need to recover if Christchurch ever will. 

Those of us who have attempted dialogue with the council, civil defence or central government are simply fobbed off or given contradictory advice.  The meeting that none of us was invited to yesterday was intended only to fob off, not to inform.

When the person supposedly in charge, John Hamilton cannot answer basic questions like "which buildings have been deconstructed"? or "who authorised their deconstruction"?, then we all need to be not just worried, but in fact fearful as to what will be left of the CBD by the time we are allowed back in. The lack of leadership and control of the recovery effort is truly frightening.

"Business owners may have to wait over a year before they could return to the central city" - sounds like guarantee looting, demolishing and pillaging by the wreckers to me. The damage has been done--and is being exacerbated by the "authorities."

Recovery is sadly the wrong word for what is going on, and in fact the opposite is occurring. Unnecessary demolitions and access delays is killing any chance of a recovery by the businesses expected to lead the recovery. What wasn't destroyed in the CBD by the earthquake, is now being destroyed by a shambolic civil defence and demolition crew anarchy.

What are we going to do about it? Are we going to leave it to Gerry, John and Bob to sort it out, hiding behind the cordons and "authority" created by a state of emergency.

Some of us don't believe they are capable or willing to sort it out within a time frame which allows our businesses to survive. Therefore, for the sake of our survival, we need to show them we want access to our businesses now,  not next week, not next month or not next year.

Come along again to the Christchurch Art Gallery, 2pm this Thursday 24th of March, and let's present a united voice against the dictatorship under which the central city is currently operating.  

Bring your Placards or just bring your self. 


Christchurch Business Recovery Group.


  1. I wonder when this arrogant, dictatorial National Government will finally hear what is being said outside the cordon of political yay-sayers and so-called experts that they have surrounded themselves with. It is a shame it took an earthquake for their true political nature to be revealed but it is reassuring that at least some New Zealanders are now really angry with them.

  2. Placard 1: "Send the troops home Keydaffi"

    Placard 2: "Mr Keybachov, tear down this cordon"

    I mean really, states of emergency, cordons and curfews - this is the stuff of third world dictatorships, of government that treats all citizens like children.

  3. Its not just the CBD that is suffering. I have offered to build a mini subdivision with relocatable houses, which would be on their own water and sewerage systems, and would somply need to be plugged into electricity. But it is all too hard, and the CCC still expect development levies to be paid.... its like WTF???
    So for being able to bypass the RMA too... the idiots are still beholden to that piece of shit legislation, and the govt cbf arguing against the council to bypass the process. I think they cbf dealing with anyone other than Key's mates at Flectcher Construction.

  4. Good work! The message is getting through.

  5. Quote from above 09.24,
    "So for being able to bypass the RMA too... the idiots are still beholden to that piece of shit legislation, and the govt cbf arguing against the council to bypass the process. I think they cbf dealing with anyone other than Key's mates at Flectcher Construction.
    this thing about Fletcher Construction is serious, we know they can do the job for twice the price sometime next decade, but that will not help Christchurch.
    We can mostly do it ourselves, but we need to be recognised as Citizens, with power in our own homes, and business and City.


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