Wednesday, 2 February 2011

DOWN TO THE DOCTOR’S: Crybabies, Coroners and one Rebellious Ratepayer

Libertarianz leader Dr Richard McGrath ransacks the newspapers for stories and headlines on issues affecting our freedom.

This week:   Crybaby Councillor, Nanny Coroner and the Rebellious Ratepayer

  • OTAGO DAILY TIMES: Cr McTavish in tears as climate plan debated“Emotional scenes” prevailed as a young Dunedin city councillor turned on the water works at a council meeting and hurried along efforts for the council to “plan” for climate change. . .

THE DOCTOR SAYS: Whenever rational argument fails, you can rely on a greenie to resort to emotion disconnected from reason.
   This story would be laughable if it wasn’t going to cost Dunedin ratepayers nearly $30k to address a problem that doesn’t exist. I have a feeling young councillor Jinty McTavish wants to drain ratepayers now, before people wake up to the evidence that is freely available to them and he really needs counselling himself.
    The only sane voices on the Dunedin Council seem to be Lee Vandervis and Syd Brown. The more I see of Lee Vandervis, the more I like him. He would make a great mayor for Dunedin, and I’m proud so say I voted for Lee in 1984 when he stood for Bob Jones’s New Zealand Party. Lee and Syd – good on you for opposing this green bullying and emotional manipulation.

  • OTAGO DAILY TIMES: “Workers Must Belt Up!Otago coroner David Crerar takes it upon himself to demand that NOT only should seatbelts be made compulsory by law, but this compulsion should be inserted into employment contracts. . .

THE DOCTOR SAYS: Once again, an authority figure uses an isolated incident to push for more intrusion of rules and regulations into the private affairs of New Zealanders.
    We already have laws that compel people to put seat belts on when driving on public roads. If people don’t obey that directive when it’s the law, why would they obey it when it’s buried in an employment contract. In any case, with employment courts so biased against employers, what employer is going to be bothered suspending or sacking an employee who doesn’t wear a seat belt.
    The next step is not hard to figure out: if employers are forced to include clauses on seat belt wearing in their contracts with employees, then employers will end up punished financially and legally if their employees fail to comply. Simple as that. 

  • OTAGO DAILY TIMES: “Ratepayer sick of DCC says : Vote for meA ratepayer suggests downsizing the size and scope of Dunedin local government and selling off various millstones and white elephants. . .

THE DOCTOR SAYS: Given the opportunity I would definitely vote for this man, and good on him for speaking up. He suggests reducing ballooning council debt to zero by selling the new rugby stadium and the Dunedin Chinese gardens; getting rid of 20% of council employees; delaying road resurfacing works (I suggest progressing this further by handing streets over to the people that live in them and letting the residents pay for road works); and reducing funding to libraries and suchlike.
    I have a further suggestion: once that is done, if any future councils rack up debt they become jointly and severally liable for paying it off at the end of their term in office.
    This man doesn’t deserve the ignorant and negative comments that followed his stand against council irresponsibility. This man deserves a beer!

“Government is like a baby. An alimentary canal with a big appetite
at one end and no sense of responsibility at the other.”
- Ronald Reagan        

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  1. Richard McGrath2 Feb 2011, 19:20:00

    Before someone gets in first, the Cr McTavish mentioned in the first item is a female, not male as was stated.


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