Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Broadford Farm Pavilion, Idaho, by Lake|Flato Architects


Architect's website here, with more photos.

Article on their SunValley, Idaho, pool and pavilion here, with even more photos.

Hat tip In the Name of Good Architecture. Who knows where you might find it!



  1. Could never have that here with our pool fencing regulations.

  2. No spouting, corrugated roof, great light. It would be sheer therapy to listen to summer rain on the iron and watch it being carried to fall away in a hundred runnel formed spouts.

    The simpler pleasures of life...


  3. It's beautiful, but the pool looks so far away from the house. I'd probably almost never bother walking over there.

    I know it sounds like laziness, it's not a matter of laziness; psychological distance-boundaries are just very, very real, and should be factored into home design.

  4. Sure looks like a wonderful getaway place, assuming its not too cold there! But like Kiwiwit said, it would be kinda scary with out any type of aluminum pool fence to keep stray animals or humans out!

  5. Very good article.. Congrats to everyone who are involved with this project.Don't worry about trying so hard, the best things come when you least expect them to!just outstanding!!


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