Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Thanks again, Orcon

Well that's just great.

I'm back online for just one day, and then Orcon's Auckland network decides to shit itself, and I'm back offline again. Orcon--the ISP that's proved so unreliable in recent years you'd think it was owned by the government.

And of course, you'd be right: "On 12 June 2007, Kordia, a state owned telecommunications company, purchased Orcon for NZ$24.3m, effectively nationalizing it."

So this is my only post for today, I'm afraid. Sitting around in internet cafes isn't my idea of fun. See you when Orcon decides the weather is sufficiently good to provide a service.


  1. I wonder why we have had nothing but excellent sevice from Orcon? We joined them when they first started and they have always been spot on. We have had no problems with our connection except once when bloody TELECOM was working on the local lines and that was 3 years ago. Shame for you , we are in the Nelson area, maybe it's an Auckland thing.


  2. Orcon's customer service has been appalling in the last couple of years. They're hardly ever there to answer the phone, and simply don't give a damn whether their customers can connect or not. It has taken over a week to get replies to emails to their help desk, and they just remove services and say "tough" when you ask why it's gone and why nobody ever said anything.


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