Wednesday, 19 January 2011

SUMMER SECONDS: NOT in support of murder

“Summer Seconds” gives you a second chance to read classic posts from the NOT PC archives. This time, a piece from 2008 made more topical by the announcement over the summer break that the protagonist will very shortly be released from gaol, just fifteen months after having been sent there.

I must confess I'm disturbed by the many messages of support and sympathy I've seen around the place for the murderer of Pihema Cameron, a fifty-year old man who knifed the fifteen-year old for the offence of tagging his Manurewa fence.

This wasn't self-defence, for which he'd have my support. He didn't drag the young tagger from his fence and discipline him, for which he might have my sympathy. He didn't just chastise him, which he certainly deserved.

Instead he chased him three-hundred metres down the road and stabbed him through the heart. That's not self-defence—the only legal defence available to him. That looks more like murder.

For tagging his fence, he murdered him. Yet his supporters now say he should be let off.

I cannot even begin to understand how people who support law and order can also support murder.

Now I don't know the murdered youngster from a hole in the ground—which is where Pihema Cameron is now—but when I was his age I must confess to having tagged a building or two around South Auckland.

I'm not proud of it. It wasn't smart. But I grew up. Pihema Cameron never will.

I just don't understand how people can support his murder.


  1. Supporting Emery [who knifed the boy in rage ] in some way, is a long way from supporting murder. No one supports murder: this article sounds like one of Bomber Bradbury's [Tumeke] hysterical strident outbursts.

  2. Emery never "chased anyone 300 yards down the road and stabbed him".Emery was confronted by a scumbag piece of shit who tried to "stanch him out" and found out the hard way not to get to close to a scared victim of crime who was armed.

    Anyone who thinks Emery,a 50ish male ran down the teenaged Cameron has rocks in his head.Cameron came back towards Emery hurling abuse and daring him to "do something cunt!"

    I can't say how I know for sure but I do...

  3. Cameron came back towards Emery hurling abuse and daring him to "do something cunt!"

    And so? Your point about murder?

  4. "And so? Your point about murder?"

    My point was about self defence and the law of cause and effect....Cameron started the chain of events that lead to his death by initiating force against Bruce Emery and hes the one who is to blame for the outcome.He came back at Emery,the actual victim...he could have run off,he didn't and got himself killed in a scuffel he didn't need to be in......

    That objective reality can really bite huh?


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