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SUMMER SECONDS: Ding dong, the witch is gone

This “Summer Seconds” series gives you a second chance to read classic posts from the NOT PC archives. This time, a piece from January last year celebrating the departure of the Green Party’s last real environmentalist, leaving the communist takeover of the Greens complete.

A_260209NZHDPFITZSMONS10_220x147_thumb[2] “Ding dong, the witch is gone. Which old witch?” Why, the Fitzsimons witch of course. 

The former Green co-person leader thingy steps down from parliament, effective immediately, having handed the party over to a new generation of communists young leaders who show all the signs of running the Fitzsimplesimons/Donald party vehicle into the ground.

We can but hope.

At least with the departure of Jeanette, the party’s Greenwash is now gone for good: their last real environmentalist is gone, and the Greens are down to their communist rump.

Now you’re probably wondering why I’d be calling Jeanette a witch when she’s everyone’s favourite Mrs Nice.  Fair question. It’s not her personality that’s evil, it’s her policies. The problem is that while she does cook a mean lentil bake, and can even be great fun when she isn’t also being Mrs Worthy, the anti-industrial policies that she and her party espouse will send us straight to hell. 

Policies are more important than personalities. You wouldn’t buy an insurance policy from someone just because they smiled nicely.  You’d ask to look at the details of their policies first—and if they were poison, you’d push them away. So it is, or was, with Jeanette. While she always smiled nicely, the policies she was pushing were always pure poison.*

_GarethIt’s so much easier with the youngster replacing her in Parliament, one Gareth Hughes. With him it’s so much easier to ‘see the joins.’ Jeanette at least had a brain. Gareth has . . . well, look at his CV for yourself.  It “boasts” such accomplishments as “being arrested dressed as Ronald McDonald,” climbing buildings while being surveilled by police, and “unfurling a protest banner in Tiananmen Square.” (Well, one out of three ain’t bad, I suppose.)

 He has a blogSort of. And he employs “Climate Campaign Interns” for Greenpeace. Promoting himself to his adopted party before the last election the baby-faced Gareth Hughes told his adoring audience that his “motivation for standing [for the Greens] is my new baby son.”

_Quote He deserves, when he is older, not to have to ask for the right to bring a child into this world.

Whatever the hell that means. (Perhaps he still thought he was back in Tiananmen Square. Or he forgot that China’s mistaken Malthusian “one-child”misanthropy mirrors his party’s own.) Passing over that inanity (or insanity) he concluded, to canned applause,

_QuoteIn 2008, we [i.e., him and his fellow Greens] are going to show that future generations are bigger than politics...

And obviously bigger, too, than things like basic logic. As blogger Keeping Stock said so astutely, “Send in the Clown.”

Oh, and just to show that Gareth’s own house has the full set of jokers, you might like to know that Gareth’s wife Meghan released her own informal law and order policy at the Green Party blog before the last election, announcing that for any "proud activist ... within reasonable limits a bit of trespass, a bit of property damage, a bit of general disruption is fine. Quite fun, too."

Since one searches in vain for a law and order policy at the Greens' site, one can only assume that this is at least this is indicative of the Greens' general attitude to people and their property, if not their general approach to law and order.

One wonders how much fun Meghan and Gatheth might find it if a bit of trespass, a bit of property damage, and a bit of general disruption were to be bestowed up on their house. But perhaps they really haven’t thought things through.

Leastways, they do almost makes Hone Harawira look sane.

* * * *

* The oddity here is that despite their obvious lunacy, Green Party policies are now “mainstream” with every other parliamentary party.  Which just shows you how, if you run on ideas (even bad ones), you can’t but help to have a victory eventually.  A lesson for every minority party.

Here’s the party flag:


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  1. sweet Jesus I know you love us as God does, and please save us from the idiot sanctimony of Green


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