Thursday, 2 December 2010

The Vodafone carrier-pigeon network

I apologise for this interruption to your regular viewing.

I’m very happy to inform you that, as of this moment, I’m just starting to receive emails that were sent to me from 8am this morning, and I’d like to thank Vodaphone once again for this excellent service.

I trust no-one has sent me anything which needed an urgent response between now and then, but I can advise in future that should such be the case, a more rapid response may be obtained by sending your message by carrier pigeon.

Thank you. Your normal programme will now resume.


  1. My CDMA phone which is on the old telecom network runs just fine thanks....

  2. Actually B Whitehead I think PC is referring to Vodafone's Ihug email network(which is terribly unreliable) not their mobile phone service (which is kinda OK).

  3. Telecom just turned off 3g on the CDMA network, and will ditch the whole thing shortly, so it won't run fine for long BW.


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