Monday, 20 September 2010

ECONOMICS FOR REAL PEOPLE: The Lessons of the Financial Crisis

Here’s a heads up from the organisers of the Auckland Uni Economics Group abut what they have planned for you tomorrow evening.

Hello Everyone.
    At this Tuesday night's meeting of the UOA Economics Group we will begin looking at the financial crisis and specifically  at the lessons we can take from it.
    In last week's seminar we concluded looking at the boom-bust cycle, also known as the business cycle. It is not surprising that the current 'bust' has resulted in many asking what caused the current downturn. Many theories have been put forward.
    But are the real villains being put in the spotlight?
    Or are innocent parties being blamed?
    Was there too little regulation?
    Or too much?
    These are very important questions, because the way the politicians and policy-makers answer them will affect every single one of us for many years to come.
    Join us tomorrow night to help form your own view.
UoA Econ Group 21 Sept

PS: If you have been unable to join us for a while, you don’t need to worry about not following the discussion. Each seminar is somewhat independent of previous seminars.
Also, don‘t worry about being left behind.  The discussions are for both students and non-students of economics. And you don’t have to be enrolled at Auckland Uni either—everybody’s welcome.
         Date: Tuesd ay 21th September
         Time: 6pm
         Room: University of Auckland Business School, Owen G Glenn Building, Room 317 (Level 3)

Look forward to seeing you.

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