Thursday, 5 August 2010

Auckland Bloggers Bar Bash tonight!

GALBRAITH'S Since today is the first Thursday of the month, that means it’s Blogger’s Drinks tonight!

It’s the event for bloggers, blog trolls, blog groupies (bloopies) and blog readers

So come along and see if you can talk as much nonsense as we can.

Past blogging celebrities in attendance include bloggers and blog readers from Annie Fox, Barnsley Bill, Beretta, The Fairfacts Media Show, Stephen Franks, Garfield Herrington, Bernard Hickey, Cactus Kate, Kiwiblog, MandM, No Minister, Not PC, Roar Prawn, Lolly Scramble, SOLO, Born on State Highway One, Whale Oil and WHOAR! … though this last one didn’t stay around too long.

So get ye there and buy your favourite blogger(s) a drink.

What: Auckland Bloggers Drinks
Tonight, 5 August from 6.30pm
Galbraiths, 2 Mt Eden Road, Mt Eden, Auckland
Who for: Bloggers, blog readers, blog trolls.
What for: The talking of nonsense and telling of lies.


  1. Are horny bloggers & horny blog readers invited too? I'll check out the young horny male bloggers/readers.

  2. Horny Cougar, I heard that young hot looking male blogger, Chris Trotter drinks there regularly at Galbraiths. It may be your lucky night tonight.

  3. Would make it if I could, PC, would be good to catch up. Next time!


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