Monday, 16 August 2010

Income splitting?

I’m not so excited about the Bill before the House aiming to let couples split their incomes and cut tax.  ‎I’d be far more excited if people began recognising that when government takes around 45% of every year’s production, that effectively means that one partner in every couple is going out to work just to keep the government afloat.

That’s utterly iniquitous.

If you want to help families, Mr Dunne-Nothing, then help stop this government spending so damn much. That will do much more for non-mooching families than anything your damn Families Commission has or will ever do.


  1. A flat tax would accomplish the same.

    (Hah! The word verification is 'slypery')

  2. PC, neither you, Mr Dunne nor anyone else for that matter is ever going to get New Zealand's leftard governments (whether tinged blue or pink) to spend less. They are addicted to spending in the same way my dear old dad was addicted to his gin bottle. Can't survive without it, and no idea how to give it up. The proposal to income-split is a viable alternative which works until an equitable tax system (i.e. a flat rate) is in play. Yes, it's a cop-out, but it's a cop-out that favours wealth producers.

  3. Only wealth producers who are also child producers, apparently. Splitters!

  4. The comment that parents who stay at home with their kids are feeling under appreciated really wound me up! They chose to be at home. Are they saying they don't get any satisfaction from being with their kids? And why is this my problem?
    Dunne makes it sound like everyone will be better off, but they are not proposing reducing government spending so anyone with out a partner and a child will be worse off.
    He says it is about "..families in New Zealand getting a fair deal." What is fair about taxing people without partners and kids more?

  5. "What is fair about taxing people without partners and kids more?"

    Time to look at moving to another country I say.

  6. FreeMack, I think you'll find that people who read this blog are totally opposed to taxing any one person or group more than any other. However, in the absence of a flat tax, and while we manage to continue electing governments that are addicted to sticking their hands in my pocket to fund the indolent, lazy and stupid, the very least they can do is allow me to split my income with my wife, thus reducing my tax burden. The other choice, of course, is that my wife and I could become shareholders in our company, resulting in a slightly less transparent splitting of our income. But if we choose that road, I don't expect lefty fuckwits like Bill English to accuse me of tax evasion.


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