Tuesday, 10 August 2010

H.C. Price House – Frank Lloyd Wright

S378 Price Residence 10

There’s not much of it to be seen from the street, above (although it’s rumoured there’s a better view from the golf course), and since today’s owners of the 1954 Harold Price house in Paradise Valley, Arizona, are very private, it’s fortunate there are still some places where this unusual example of Wright’s desert architecture can still be seen.


One of those places is Daniel Soderberg’s blog, which recently posted some vintage photos and an article about house, the original owner, Harold Price—who also commissioned Wright to design the 19-story Price Tower in Bartlesville, Oklahoma--and the subsequent owner, “Mr U-Haul,” and what looks like one hell of an ungrateful family. [Hat tip Prairie Mod]


Photos from AvO and Daniel Soderberg’s blog.


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