Friday, 20 August 2010

Do-it-yourself ramble

Since doing DIY on your house is now mostly illegal, let’s do what DIY we still can. 

So this is your chance for a DIY ramble around the best of the internet this week. Post your own interesting links in the comments, along with a good reason others might care to go read them. (Remember to sell, not just tell.)

If I get a minute, I’ll put the best of them here on the front page.

In the meantime, here’s a pony.


  1. Does anyone have a reaction to Nevil Gibson's (all ways good) editorial comments this week?
    About Parkistan, but more particularly about copyright.


  2. Speaking of things you can't
    do, there used to be bumper stickers in the late seventy's that read
    'Do it today, the government will ban it tomorrow'

    It's still as revelent now as it was then.

  3. FreeMack, I say, let the Muslim countries help Pakistan, besides all the Paki Muslims who are living in the west (especially UK) are anti-western while at the same time enjoying the wealth & freedom of their host countries.

    Saudi Arabia is always keen in giving out dosh in the millions to build mosques and Muslim schools (to teach hatred of the west) around the world, so they would have no problem with giving more millions to help their fellow Muslims.

    The west should simply not provide any aid money to Pakistan, because the very people that the help is going to are the same ones who will want to kill westerners when they're not in dire straights. This means that after they get the money, they will still want to kill westerners. Let them look after their own. Let Darwinian natural law of the survival of the fittest work itself to eliminate the inadaptable people of this world, i.e., Muslims who don't want to advance themselves with western philosophy and values. Anyway, they (Muslims) prefer to see or be with their makers in heaven rather than enjoy living life on this earth.

    I say, don't help them, because they're so keen on after-life rather than present life. Let them die, because that's what they want, since they will be happy in afterlife than living a miserable life on this earth (according to their misguided belief).

  4. that Tom Hunter said.....
    Perfect opportunity to use a reference sent to me today by a friend in the US. I think you'll enjoy it given the smart-ass cartoon video on iPhone purchasers that you put up a few weeks ago.


  5. Here's something to view during your weekend leisure time. The Latest in the Uncommon Knowledge series from The Hoover Institute has Thomas Sowell discussing his book Dismantling America with Hoover research fellow Peter Robinson including the parallels between the fall of Rome and what he sees as the collapse of America.
    A couple of quote that caught my ear:
    "The Great Escape of our age is escape from personal responsibility."
    To young Americans he says "it doesn't matter how smart you are unless you stop and think"
    Here's part 1 of 5 (the rest on the youtube page)

  6. Two points re Pakistan. It seems to be in a peculiar Islamic/Malthusian trap with sharp spikes in population growth, and no one has mentioned the causes of flooding, the cutting down of trees in the mountain headwaters. Basic stuff really.


    It's a website for an annual architectural drawing competition. Sometimes it's good to be reminded (for us architects) that drawing can be fun...

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  9. PC has a link to Climate Science Coalition. I see they have made a major rewrite of the layman's guide. The section on 'entering the lab' is now far clearer, and the physics negates all the other codswallop produced by the chicken-littles. The 4 July letter to Peter Gluckman - that he should get some familiarity with physics, for otherwise he's bringing Auck Uni into disrepute.
    (Google has disowned me again)


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