Wednesday, 28 July 2010


I remember reading once that you  have to learn to swear when you’re young. After that, it’s too late. 

But really, you’re just in the same position of chemists before Mendeleyev’s development of the Periodic Table of Elements, right?

That integrated an enormous amount of knowledge about chemicals and how they could be combined. And so too with this one, for swearing … [click to enlarge]


Like the Periodic Table of Elements, this table represents a huge step forward for creative language. It’s not there yet (“Arseholes for Goalposts?” WTF is that about?) but it’s a powerful start.

So let’s hear no more excuses for uncreative cursing, huh. Especially when you’re pissed up, bollocksed or arseholed.

[Hat tip The Big Picture]


  1. It's not high enough res to see, even when clicked.

  2. Arrgh! What sort of arsehole would post without checking it first!

    Galt knows why it won't go bigger, so I've re-set it to head to the original picture when you click on the pic. When you get there, just click on it again to zoom. (That's two-click swear-helping, y'all.)


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