Thursday, 8 July 2010

So what’s this #Ocon thing, then?

Those people following me on Twitter might both be wondering what all the quoted, re-tweeted material is from something tagged #Ocon. 

To save your confusion, or just because you’re wondering why the tweets sound more cogent that usual, I’m “re-tweeting” lecture updates from the Objectivism conference (OCON) currently being held in Las Vegas. And people posting these updates have tagged them with #Ocon so those of us not in Las Vegas can follow them (these “hash tags” is how Twitter allows you to follow a particular subject.

Just thought you’d like to know.

And you might like to know that at the moment I’m following Adam Mossoff’s lecture on Intellectual Property Rights: Securing the Values of the Mind.  Not bad what you can do from around ten-thousand miles away.  :-)

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  1. Not related, sorry Peter, but opportune time to ask a technical question.

    Is anyone having trouble with Twitter and Windows 7? Since I've gone to Windows 7 on a laptop, I've basically had to stop Twitter. I'm wondering if it's java script or some such being used in that plaform.


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