Friday, 9 July 2010

‘Pursuit’ – Michael Newberry

Pursuit, 1984
oil on linen, 80 x 60 inches
What a stunning piece of art! Just who is pursuing whom, and for what? Perhaps the artist's explanation might help. . .
_Quote With a passion bordering on insane somnambulism I poured everything I had into pursuing the furthest reaches of my art. It was wild. I worked 16 hours a day for six months, somewhere I remember the crunch of ice outside under my shoes. I worked to integrate: the fantastic dramatic spotlight affect of Rembrandt; the wet-clothe technique of ancient Greek sculptures; the romantic themes of Delacroix; and the pure vibrant contrasting colors of the Impressionists (the painting has no black). I made more studies than I can remember. And it slowly took form. Once, for this piece, I went into Wall Street late at night to make a pastel color study of the granite wall of a skyscraper; got very curious looks from a patrol... Pursuit is the work I am most proud of.”
Visit the artist’s blog here, and tell him how much you love it. He’ll love you for it.

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