Monday, 5 July 2010

Never mind our liberty, feel the Power-lust [update 2]

On the weekend in which Thomas Jefferson’s declaration of the rights of man is rightly celebrated elsewhere, here in New Zealand Simon Power-Lust feels the power of the Nanny State flowing through him:

Mr Power said he had recently driven through Auckland early in the morning.
“What I saw on the streets of Auckland, on corner bars and the like, at half past four in the morning – no good can come of that,” he said.

I have some advice for Mr Power.  If you don’t like what you see out on the street and in the corner bars of the city at 4:30 in the morning--you know … people enjoying themselves, having fun, paying their own way, pursuing their own happiness—then just stay the fuck home in Palmerston North.

What sort of pin-headed power-luster sees a city full of people out enjoying themselves, and whose first thought is “BAN IT!”?  Answer: Another lemon-sucking unbridled wowser with not even an original idea of his own.

Why does this pin-headed politician wish to use the bad behaviour of a few to impose his own schtick on all the rest of us?

Why does he think it’s his business to tell us how we’re all going to spend our evenings?

He goes out after dark and discovers, shock horror, that people like drinking!

Simon, you pinhead, if you don’t like it then just stay home.  Because what those people are doing after dark is none of your damn business.

UPDATE 1: Some other useful and somewhat related commentary around the traps:

DIM POST: “This is yet another issue which would have the National Party screaming itself senseless with outrage if Labour suggested it: ‘Nanny state passing laws on bedtime for New Zealanders!’”

Brendan O’Neill at SPIKED cracks open “a bottle of unhealthy fizzy stuff and celebrates the possible passing [in the UK] of an irritating political era” of “celebrity-fronted, dodgy science-fuelled, fear-injected authoritarianism.” Says Eric Crampton (In ‘Repudiating Jamie Oliver’) “I do wish that National here would be paying a bit more attention to the direction of change in the UK.”


  1. Muddarfucker.
    I swear if ever there was a low patch in your writing this aint it.
    Brilliant stuff over the last few days of possibly the most inspirational holiday period of the year.
    Seriously Peter.
    Its fantastic what you do.
    Please dont ever stop.

  2. As if Simon Power didn't get extremely drunk and hedonistic when he was a student.

    He was hardly the quiet type.

  3. PC never commented on Nanny wanting to imitate her act on cigarette packs ~ have same bad science on bottles and cans."Enforce beer can wording warning that 'boozing could cause you to kill your kids and other road users; batter your womenfolk; ruin your life ~just like photos of rotting lungs on cig packs." Add images of black eyes; liver with cirrhosis; beer gut if propaganda and woserism are to continue


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