Thursday, 22 July 2010

'Atlas Shrugged' » The Documentary

Here's the trailer, a sneak peak at one filmmaker’s exploration of one book’s impact on society:

Atlas Shrugged » The Documentary.


  1. When is the documentary/film coming out? I've never read one single Ayn Rand's novel, only various summaries about her philosophies on this blog and on internet. I am keen to see the Atlas Shrugged when it comes out if it is targeting for cinema release.

    In fact, there is an Ayn Rand novel in my bookshelf, I think you gave me to read a few years ago, but I haven't got to read it yet. I think that watching her upcoming movie is better than reading her books (too many).

  2. Oh Falafulu, the movie will in no way be able to give you the philosophy, or the joy, that the original texts will. It would be like trying to learn criminal law by watching the court case briefs on the six o'clock news each night.

    Now get off your bum and go read at least the one in your bookshelf ;)

    (Peter, far from me to tell you what to do, but you can restrict IP's can't you: keep Falafulu off the Friday beer posts until he's read that novel.)

  3. Pretty brave question to ask on here Falafulu,

    If there is one thing I hate to be told it would have to be: "Read this or that book"

    Imagine my reluctance picking up "Atlas Shrugged" when it was strongly suggested by various people on the Solo passion blog that I used to frequent.

    But, completely against my nature, I took their advice, ordered and read that book cover to cover.

    By far.......the best book I have ever read. I convinced my wife to read it and both my parents and they too found a home in the ideas portrayed in Atlas Shrugged.

    There is no way a movie can communicate those ideas effectively. It needs time in your mind to simmer, to process, and the next day you read on until you made it through the 1000 pages.

    So, as much as I hate to hear this myself,

    "Falafulu, you really should read Atlas Shrugged" The movie while unseen can not do it justice.

  4. Atlas Shrugged is well worth reading - if only to enjoy a good novel. Just as long as you skip the giant speech late in the book. You'll know it when you find it...

    I'm interested to know how many of you skip the excessively long, repetitive announcement/speech in Atlas Shrugged whenever you read it?

  5. I did the first time I read it, then forced myself to go through it the second time.

  6. Ok, I come clean on the long speech.

    Tried to read it the first time. Gave up.

    Tried again much later, boring, gave up again.

    My wife tried harder and managed to get through 10 pages or so and gave up when she realised that 70 pages covered that speech.

    Never tried again. To me it seemed the speech is pretty much reiterating what is being said in the book anyway.

  7. Richard McGrath22 Jul 2010, 17:22:00

    Re-read the book recently, I'm dying to see a film version. Didn't read through the speech the first time, but did so recently. Worth the effort.

  8. The speech is availible in audio form on youtube if you want to devour it that way...maybe download it and play when in the car or something.

  9. Sean Fitzpatrick23 Jul 2010, 09:19:00

    I finally managed to get around to getting a copy of AS just after xmas. So far I am up to page 130! Not being a big fan of fiction I guess I find it hard going. So far I can not say I find the story very compelling though maybe it picks up further in - some nice quotable lines though. Look forward to the documentary.


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