Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Thursday: drinks, nibbles, and a bit of a ‘do’

Now, on the face of it you’d say that tomorrow night, Thursday, we’ve got a bit of a timetable clash here in Auckland, because tomorrow night, Thursday, we’ve got both bloggers drinks at its regular spot at Galbraith’s at the top of Mt Eden Rd—which is always good fun—and another alluring session down the road at the Uni.

chalkboard summary But worry ye not, ye fine folk.  I’d suggest getting along to both: i.e., head along to to blogger’s drinks either before or after the economics do, or else grasp the opportunity with both hands to enjoy blogger’s drinks without the educated noise of educated economists drowning out your theorising—at least until the lecture is out.

So that looks to me like a very good night all round, really.

PS: I’m told that Wellington bloggists can enjoy their own bloggers drinks tomorrow night as well, at The Occidental, Wellington. “All bloggers, readers, fans, trolls and stalkers are invited. And a splendid time is guaranteed for all.” Apart from the stalkers.

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