Monday, 21 June 2010

Mysticism in the Gulf

The strife in the Gulf of Mexico really is revealing people’s flawed fundamental premises. Last week the Obamessiah, this week there’s this abject idiocy from Sarah Palin.


As Trey Givens observes (from whom I pinched this) she really is serious.

Which says everything, really.


  1. And then the lights went off.

  2. Sometimes praying does encourage some people to think clearly. It is psychological rather than divine. There's nothing wrong with praying to give ones' brain some clear thinking.

  3. I wouldn't mind having a private praying session with Sarah Palin. I am sure that she has a nice magic touch in her praying.

  4. One of the reasons why the Republicans will struggle to beat Obama in 2012, too many still embrace those who are in the dark ages.

  5. Shame on you. And here I thought this blog had it's head on straight.

    Faith in God is not something from "the dark ages" nor is prayer something to be ashamed of. Humility before God is a bulwark against hubris and pride. and leads towards responsible behavior in this world as well. Real religion is the cure for false religion (e.g., Marxism, Scientism and Statism.) It is the Judeo-Christian heritage that has created the Western world and that includes science, Cast off the propaganda of the secular humanists and have an honest look at history--one that is broader than mere materialist and positivist cant provides. It is the rejection of God that is behind most of our troubles, not the prayers of those who still honor him. Think not? Have a look at Auschwitz and the Soviet gulags. Look at the oppression of the atheist, collectivist "Scientific State".

    Given the nature of the world and the nature of man, it is the atheist that is the primitive.

    This is purely the smug vanity of secular humanists: That all who have gone before "The Enlightenment" are crude, superstitious ignoramuses, but in fact this is not the case at all.

    I pray that someday some of these posters will rouse from their stupor and false pride, and in time see the true nature of the cosmos.

    There is a God and mankind is dependent on him, neurotic rejections of that order notwithstanding. That order is not about you indulging your appetites. Take that to the bank.

  6. You did know Sarah Palin is a Christian, right? And the lawmakers have indeed designated it a day of prayer. I see nothing inherently wrong with her tweet. Your beliefs are still weirder than hers.

  7. Science was born in ancient Greece when a few brave philosophers stopped trying to explain everything with gods and instead turned to studies of nature. The dark ages came when religion (a primitive form of philosophy) again took over. The enemy is collectivism, that is the cause of the dictatorships, people are not individuals but judged by their group, be it class, race, ethnicity or religion. Christianity promotes collectivism by embracing altruism, just as Marx did.

  8. So, Scott, it's your assertion that the Republicans find it easier to win in 2012 if they soundly repudiate the Bible?


  9. Both Snoopy & the Pink Panther said they are the one true light and not to worship false Gods.

    Which one will help stop the oil from flowing?

    Snoopy flies a WW1 aircraft & the Pink Panther drives a 50s racing car. The WW1 aircraft is harder to fly than the 50s racing car is to drive. There is your evidence that Snoopy is more powerful.

    Join Palin and put your faith in Snoopy to stop the oil.

  10. "There is a God and mankind is dependent on him..."

    Well, that's all I need to be convinced. Well argued Anon.

  11. Johnbranflake: Science was born in ancient Greece when a few brave philosophers stopped trying to explain everything with gods and instead turned to studies of nature.

    Only they didn't. The Greek didn't have science as we know it. Modern science was born in Christian Europe.

  12. 'Religion is scary'

    Exhibit A: Sarah Palin's tweet

    Exhibit B: Post by Anonymous @ 6/21/2010

  13. Only they didn't. The Greek didn't have science as we know it. Modern science was born in Christian Europe.

    Correction......inspite of Christian Europe.

    Heard of a bloke called Galileo? Heard of the Churchs objections to all manner of nwe breakthroughs in science? Heard lately of the Church STILL objecting to scientific discoveries in this day and age?

  14. I'm reminded of some of some famous quotes:

    Religion is regarded by the common people as true, by the wise as false, and by the rulers as useful.
    Seneca the Younger 4 b.c.- 65 a.d.

    Those who believe absurdities will commit atrocities

    Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day; teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime; give a man religion and he will die praying for a fish

    People who don't like their beliefs being laughed at shouldn't have such funny beliefs

  15. Sarah Palin cannot become President. She simply alienates too many swing voters who dont want an idiot to represent them. She could not even name a national newspaper on camera. She is a lost cause. Time for Republicans to reject Bible belt politics of worshipping being "ordinary". There is a whole constituency of people who despise hicktown church and state are NOT separate Republicans who also despise the Democrats

  16. Hi guys only just found ur site, damn u libertarians are vocal! I like it.

    Palin, is nothing more than a political distraction. Her run in 08 was nothing less than a joke, used to get Obama safely into power. They're putting her into this position again through resigning from Alaska governorship and the whole teaparty alignment (which I might add has been an overthrow of what it initially stood for, limited government, freedom, tax and sound monetary policies) to make Palin look like the independant for the "people" candidate. If chosen she'll be used to take the lime light away from candidates such as Ron Paul, since he was a hot number in 08 taking everything the media could throw at him and still gaining ground. At this stage Obama will be severely hated by most of the left aswell as the right, then they will destroy Palin politically ushering in a second term for Obama.

    Going into the election Republicans won't struggle for 2012 at all, especially if the independant movement doesn't gain pace. But if they're able to pull it off again, it'll be the last time I see the whole left right paradigm trick working (just like labour vs national). Although in our case I don't see the public waking up to this trick quite so fast.


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