Thursday, 10 June 2010

Movies. Massages. Golf clubs: "Using their ministerial credit cards like personal cheque accounts," bless ‘em. [Update 3]

Yep, the latest spending figures are out for the country’s biggest beneficiaries, your politicians, who spend your money like water when they’re signing off as ministers, and spend it like a torrential flood when they’re signing off on their own personal spending—at least when you’re paying for it.  Chris Carter. Tim Groser.  Shane Jones. Parekura Horomia.  Mita Ririnui. Drinks. Movies. Magazines. Massages. Golf clubs. "Using their ministerial credit cards like personal cheque accounts."  Just another day spending ministerial perks, eh bro.

Chris Carter for one has gone on the offensive, saying his own spending (if not that of his colleagues) is mistaken rather than dishonest.

And sure, the amounts we’re talking about in absolute terms here are risible, at least in comparision with the multi-billions of your dollars they spend in their day job; but what their willingness to whip out their taxpayer-funded credit card to spend up large on themselves demonstrates all too well is the attitude in which they hold your money, and the care with which they spend it (or lack thereof).

And you might want to ask yourself, if they’re this careless over their personal spending, do you really want people like this in charge of spending 43% of this country’s GDP?  Because you keep voting for them as if you do.

Which means, dear reader, that their wastefulness is really your fault.

Bless you.

UPDATE 1: Naturally, when someone mentioned Shane Jones the first thing Motella thought of was HOTEL PORN!!

UPDATE 2: Clearly missing the attention herself, Annette King offers up some unfortunate imagery in response to Plane Shane’s taxpaid porno problem: 

_Quote_Idiot “I think he's very embarrassed [says King].
We've said to him what he has to do now is put his head down and his bottom up and rebuild his reputation."

I think she needs a new quip-writer.

UPDATE 3:  For those who say that Kiwiblog is dead, it’s worth pointing out he can still spot gold like this:

“Twitter has been hilarious today, with scores of people tweeting suggested titles for Shane’s movies. The Twitter channel is here, and well worth following. Some of the suggested titles are:

  • Hung Parliament
  • Black Rod
  • Foreign Affairs
  • Chief whip
  • The Honourable Member
  • Erect Committee
  • Private Secretary
  • Ministerial Probe
  • De-Briefing the Minister
  • Yes! Yes! Minister
  • Anti Smacking, Pro Spanking
  • Loves Labour Tossed
  • Withdraw And Apologise
  • Mixed Member Proportional
  • The bi-election
  • The Thick Of It
  • Parliamount
  • Ejaculated from the house
  • The State of Head
  • Crouching Taniwha, Horny Dragon
  • Debbie does Dannevirke
  • Emissions Trading Scheme
  • Rainbow Lay-bour

“And many many more. They keep coming in every few seconds. So many wits.”


  1. There's apparently no money in the kitty for my old Mums cataract operations but there is for ministerial massages. Fuck em.


  3. I work as a security guard and our company do rotate us from venue to venue on different nights. I have seen some of our male politicians (& their mates) in one of the bars in K'Rd that I had worked at a few years back. They seemed to know the owner of one parlour, because they came in thru the back door rather than the front. I was instructed to bring them via the back.

    I am not surprised at this revelation at all about politicians going to massage parlour. However I assumed that it was their money, but I was wrong. It was my door-security job's tax dollar that paid for their entertainment in those parlours and not from their pockets. I hate those pathetic fuckers (all of them - politicians).

  4. In my list of people I hope I never meet, is the odious, obnoxious Labour MP Shane Jones who features right up the list. Therefore, what he does in his own perverted private life has no interest to me. However, when he uses my money to do those things, it instantly becomes my business - I have a right to know what is being done with the money taken from me by force by the government, and having it spent on porno movies is not high on the priority list.
    I don’t spend “my” money on porno movies, but Shane Jones is quite happy to spend “my” money them. The pleasure is all his!

    The ministerial credit card is like a most efficient rat trap - it does exactly what it is designed to do - catch filthy rats, it is effective, and non-selective.
    Why everyone is so surprised is a mystery though - I mean who is more stupid? Politicians for using it on things they shouldn’t, or you and I for allowing them to have one in the first place - It’s the equivalent to giving whisky and car keys to teenage boys! Stupid and downright irresponsible.
    The movie I would most like to see at the moment is a reality TV/massochism video featuring Shane Jones handcuffed and flayed with a leather whip (purchased with his own credit card of course) until he promises never to stick his snout in the trough again - Who know’s - he may consent to the flogging - but then it wouldn’t be much of a punishment would it?


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