Tuesday, 15 June 2010

In the trough: Your mission, should you choose to accept it…

Almost the whole mountain of available paperwork on the country’s biggest beneficiaries has just been released to the public, with the request that you join in and help the media to sniff out all the rorts of all the Ministers in all 16,522 pages.  There’s guidance from both Idiot/Savant and David Farrar:

_Quote Start here, click to get a random Minister's file, page back and forth within it (or just download the whole thing), then when you're done, mark it as not interesting or worthy of further investigation. (Note: if you're not sure what's allowable or not, check out schedule 2 of the Travel, Accommodation, Attendance, and Communication Services Available to Members of the Executive).”

And Whale Oil has just released into the wild 74 pages of bank statements and expense claims from Auckland mayoral wannabe Len Brown that you can trawl through to your heart’s content to see just how he likes spending your money on himself.

So for full completeness now, from all the higher-profile trough-dwellers, all we’re missing now is the same thing showing us Bob Parker’s and John Banks’s own similar spending over that same period.  Anybody on the hunt for that? Conor…? Mike…? Anyone…?

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  1. "A statement about credit cards

    Political watchers may have noticed some recent news about reckless spending behaviour on taxpayer and ratepayer funded credit cards by some politicians.

    John Banks wants you to know he doesn’t have a council credit card. Never has, never will.

    He never had a Ministerial credit card when he was the Minister of Sports, Local Government, Tourism or Police in a former National government either.

    He has never charged a sandwich, lunch or coffee to the ratepayers of Auckland. And it goes without saying he has never bought hams, toys, or family groceries either.

    John says that if you are looking for a careful spender to lead the new Auckland Council, then he’s your man. You can count on him to be careful with the pennies as well as the pounds, because he knows how hard you work in order to meet your rates bill requirements.

    Financial discipline and careful spending starts at the top. John Banks will deliver from day one of the new Auckland Council. "

    in my email today


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