Tuesday, 15 June 2010

The Gaza Flotilla Choir presents: “We Con the World”

A classic song from Gaza’s Peace Faux-Tilla [hat tip Prodos]:

Classic tune.   Classic chorus:

We’ll make the world
Abandon reason.
We’ll make them all believe that the Hamas
Is Momma Teresa.

If you enjoyed that, you’ll enjoy Craig Biddle’s new piece in ‘The Objective Standard.’

_Quote It considers the essentials of the recent ‘peace activist’ effort to breach Israel’s blockade of Gaza, the pathetic nature of Israel and America’s responses to the assault, and the principles that should have governed their responses.”

Read it here: “Israel and America’s Flotilla Follies (and How To Avoid Them in the Future)


  1. That's brilliant. The only thing missing was a Quincy Jones (the conductor).

  2. Well, that's all well and good.

    The trouble is that articles like this from pro-Israel publications like The "Objective" Standard tend to be every bit as shrill, overblown, one-sided and disconnected from reality as the pro-Palestinian ones.

  3. State propaganda PC. If you can watch a bunch of hardline Israeli right-wingers singing '...there's no people dying...' after their commandoes just shot 9 people dead without your stomach doing flips then you are colder of heart than I took you for.

    I assume you followed the news on this being sent out by the Israeli government and then immediately rescinded when they realised what a catastrophic clusterfuck of an idea it is to try and sell yourself to the world with this kind of sneering jibe at the Gaza Flotilla incident.

    Bottom line is this kind of partisan propaganda sells to one little area of the political spectrum, one that you appear also to inhabit I guess. The rest of us see it for what it is.


  4. @Den MT: I'd be more impressed if you also applied your logic, reason and sense of justice to Adolf Ahmedinejad and his stated wish to wipe Israel (and Israelis with it) off the map, and his use of the peoples of Gaza and Lebanon as pawns to bring it about.

  5. PC - red herring. Perhaps you can lay out for me exactly how Ahmedinejad is controlling events from behind the scenes like some sort of nebulous puppetmaster. I don't particularly like the suggestion that I am tacitly endorsing something simply because I intensely dislike the way the Israeli government is acting, but for the record:
    - I don't support Ahmedinejad
    - I don't support Hamas

    - I do support Israel
    - I do support Palestine

    Your harping on about objective values of right and wrong rings bloody hollow when you are snickering away at utter shit like that video. Middle East politics is a lot tougher than simply picking a side and rooting for them, and anyone promoting this immensely tasteful bit of propaganda is doing exactly that in my book.

    /rant over.


  6. Hi Peter,

    I agree with Frankie Lee and DenMT. We cannot forget the real people. What is happening in Gaza is inhuman. No matter if it is used for propaganda or what.
    I also think the Hamas are the worst type of people on earth, but so is the Israeli government and its American/world coalition. I definitely do not appreciate when such a good blog like your one is "kind of" taking side on this subject while serving partitioned information.

    Cheers ;-)

  7. @Den MT: It's no secret that the rockets fired into Israel from both Gaza and Lebanon are supplied from Tehran, nor that both Hezbollah and Hamas have ties and funding from there.

    It's no secret that this faux-tilla was intending to being about the very conflict that it did.

    The wider conflict itself is at present little more than a proxy war in which Ahmedinejad is the primary driving force, using the peoples of Gaza and Lebanon as pawns, and incidents like this (which had been set up for this purpose) to play the media of the world for fools.

    Hell, that's the way the Arab states have been using the Palestinians ever since they attacked the new Israeli state in 1948 in their name, trying (as they said explicitly) to drive Israelis into the sea; and then when they failed they themselves refused to allow Palestinians either citizenship or access to their own countries. (Egypt, for instance, was the first to occupy the Gaza Strip, which they simply used as a dumping ground for the refuges they helped to create.)

    The Gaza Strip, and the people in it, have been a pawn for anti-Israeli politicking from the time that Egypt first occupied it.

  8. Both Hamas and Hezbollah were around and in conflict with Israel for several years before anyone had heard of Ahmedinajad. To lay the entire mess at his door is a ludicrous oversimplification.

    The causes of this conflict are complex to say the least and while Ahmedinajad's government does support Hamas and Hezbollah that dosen't mean it controls them any more than the Obama administration controls Israel.

  9. @Frankie Lee: Yes, they were.

    They were they and just waiting to picked up and used as martyrs.

  10. One simple question to supporters of the crews/passengers/activists from the Gaza Flotilla, it is basic logic. If you can't manage to give an answer then it is a waste of time to argue with you lot.

    How on earth did the crew/passengers/activists of the Flotilla think that they could get to Gaza fully knowing that there is a blockade ? Were they thinking of doing a quantum teleportation? Something like approaching the Israeli line of blockade from international waters and then all of a sudden, disappear at that specific point and thus reappearing at a port in Gaza?

    They knew pretty well that they couldn't do that? So, why not let the Israeli did the inspection peacefully or perhaps divert them to inspect at another designated port? Nope, the activists expected to confront the Israelis to make a point. It was a tragic, but then, it was their own making. Don't blame the Israeli for doing what it's supposed to do. Rockets/missiles that had been fired into Israeli in the past were not transported to Gaza via quantum teleportation, but they were transported there by a varieties of means, including via ships. Having a blockade is just another way of blocking one way of missile transport to Gaza.

  11. Peter, of course the Gaza strip is used as a pawn ! We all know that anti-Israeli are delighted to use the Gazouh people or the Palestinians as pawns.
    But what we easily forget is that Gazouh or Palestinian are not those people, they are simple and real people, with children who can't sleep at night and actually we are talking of them.
    We also all know that world medias are using this mess and that Aljazeera for eg. like it so much when it happen to spread the Voice in such an idyllic way. As you said it is no secret for anyone. We also all know or at least have an idea that what is happening comes from such a complex situation, such a heavy history like in any Diaspora, ethnical and/or cultural genocide, multi-webs propaganda or food plates sharing. And yes this one particularly.

    But I believe that there are different levels of propagandas and sometimes it happen the worst are not always the ones we watched on TV.

    >>> http://www.theobjectivestandard.com/issues/2010-summer/israel-america-gaza-flotilla.asp

    Paradoxically it is not an "objective" article and it is clearly pro-Israeli in its intentions and intonations !
    And this article can find easily its answer in one of the very good pro-Palestinian article you'll find everywhere on the web that I guess a good and smart brain would be able to post it under an "objectivist" label.

    It is a never ending story. It is just a way to divise the world community and to divise the minds, again and again. It is just a way to keep this mess happening. It is useless and will never gave any answer. Because for sure there is no answer about a question asked that way.

    In my opinion the fool is the one who is partisan of one side or another, or the one who is an "auto-pawn" in that bilateral propaganda.

  12. PC.. Ahmedinejad never actually stated that he wanted to wipe Israel off of the map. This gross mistranslation which has been used time and time again to justify increased sanctions and even possibly war in the future.

    There is no such phrase in Farsi.. the statement he made was that like the Soviet Union, Israel would disappear from the pages of time..

    Was the Soviet Union wiped off of the map? No.. It wasn't.. It was due to it's own internal policies that it failed as a state..

    Now regarding your assertions that Tehran supplies and supports Hamas and Hezbollah.. Big deal.. They're resistance movements who are trying to free their lands from occupation..

    The US funds and arms Israel who is directly threatening to attack Iran, Iran would be stupid and irresponsible not to arm opponents to Israel..

    It's funny though.. Back in the days when Hezbollah was using suicide bombers even against military targets people were outraged and called for such attacks to stop.. Now that Hamas has stopped these and is now using rockets people want to complain also..

    The fact is that you don't disagree with the Palestinian peoples' method of resistance, rather you disagree that the Palestinians as human beings have the right to resist the occupation of their land as you would resist the occupation of yours..

    They're subhuman to you.. That is quite evident.. And you call yourself a Libertarian?


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