Friday, 11 June 2010

‘In the Stillness’ - Bryce Cameron Liston

BryceCameronListon-InTheStillness Bryce Cameron Liston
In the Stillness
Oil on Linen
19 x 24 inches

Just one of hundreds of beautiful paintings in this year’s Art Renewal Center awards. (Go on, visit the ARC site, where there are 286 images from the competition.) 

This year over 1700 entries were submitted, with 34 awards given out in each of the six divisions, for a total purse of $80,000. And this beauty was only a highly commended!

Visit the artist’s website here: The Artwork of Bryce Cameron Liston.  And buy the painting here.


  1. That is a stellar piece, as are many of the other contestants' on the ARC site. Oddly, I can't find this one, though.

  2. Ah, finally found it under Finalists in the Figurative section.

  3. That was the idea, you see. I wanted you to see the whole range. :-)

  4. Oh,just had a look...the best in show and the Bouguereau award were two creepy shivers up my spine.

  5. The best in show and Bouguereau award were two very creepy paintings.

  6. @Michael,

    Yes, proof, if proof were needed, that's there more to painting than just being figurative.


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